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hip_republicans's Journal

Young, Hip, Cool Republicans
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Our community is made up of young, hip, stylish, republicans; dispelling the myth that all republicans are old white men in suits.

We are all pretty much set in our views and there is very little, if anything, anyone could say to change our minds. Please keep all of our rules in mind when posting.

1. This is a community of Republicans. We are not a community for debating partisan politics. We found our party, are happy with it, and are not looking to be swayed. Do not write in posts or comments things that could be considered partisan debate attacking the GOP or our views.
2. Personal attacks are not allowed for any reason.
3. Anyone is welcome to join or watch the community, but anything you post must obey rule one and two.
4. The moderators reserve the right to ban, delete, etc. as they see fit, even if a given post or poster does not violate the letter of a given rule. Put differently, just because we may not have a specific rule addressing a post that one or more mods views as problematic, does not mean that banning or deleting will not occur.