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Of all the reasons to post...

I know there are many things in my life that I could post about, but I'm in a pissy mood after reading one too many news stories with bleeding hearts...

This time, someone commented on a story on NBC. The story: illegal immigrant population in CA drops for the first time since 1965.

Comment #1 (paraphrased), "It's so sad, we're losing diversity."

Comment #2 (paraphrased), "...we stole California from Mexico..."

Alright. That's enough damn it.

Sorry guys, but the war fought for California, Mexico lost. That means the USA keeps California. "To the victor go the spoils..." Deal with it. Don't give me, "We stole it.." No, WE didn't do SHIT. WE weren't even part of the human race at the time. WE were random protein bits and unconsumed food and minerals floating in, on, and under the ground. Our forefathers won a war and here WE are today.

Second, don't make me puke with your diversity crap. You want to assist in “diversity”? Ok. How about you try to sneak people into China. I think people that complain about us protecting the border here and whining about the deportation process should take a look at how the ChiComs deal with people that break their national laws and sneak in. And you thought water boarding was harsh...

Although, you really need to hand it to Obama. He's just taken what could be, perhaps, the biggest step ever to stem the tide of illegal immigration. The Healthcare (Obamacare) bill. If ever a law has been passed that would make someone think twice about crossing a border, it HAS to be a law in which Nancy Pelosi and her flunkeys decide how your medical care is rationed. Medical Care, Post Office style. Fuckin' sign me up baby. I love me some Post Office, this ought to be AWESOME! Maybe I can buy a stamp that gives me one emergency room visit, with only 8 hours of wait time outside to treat me for major motor vehicle accident injuries!? WHOOOOHOOOOOO!

The flow of people should slow down now that Obamacare has passed against the will of the people. We're on course to be bankrupt in a few years. Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says Obama/Pelosi/Reid will double our national debt to $20 TRILLION BY 2020. Amazing. In 10 years those three useful idiots will rack up as much debt as EVERY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION IN HISTORY, COMBINED. Do you realize that's just shy of $1 of debt for every $1 of Gross Domestic Product??? Do you even know what GDP is? No? Way to go Teacher's Associations of America! Dumbing-down the youth for decades, and still going strong!

Folks, this HAS to stop. We're on course not only for default on all of our bonds (NO ONE OR COUNTRY CAN AFFORD THIS, PERIOD) and disastrous economic woes, but WAR. Civil or otherwise. Castro has just said that it's a miracle that this WONDERFUL bill has been signed into law?!?! I shit you not, go look it up. Cuba backs Obama. WOW.

Exactly what do you think is going to happen when my first child is 10 years old and we start defaulting on our bonds (if it even takes that long)?? It means NO investment in the USA because we can't pay our bills, or loans. Interest rates will be too high to borrow money, and those here that have money will take it ELSEWHERE to invest where the government doesn't tax your profits to death (which as any 1st week Economics 1A student knows: over taxation + risk = NO INVESTMENT).

Prices will go up ACROSS the board. Bread, $20 a loaf. McDonalds becomes a luxury dining experience. ALL IT TAKES IS A LOWERING OF OUR BOND RATING BY MOODY'S TO KICK THIS OFF. By the way, Moody’s warned that it's EXACTLY what they're going to do, even before this OBAMANATION ;) of a bill was passed by the house and signed into law (again, against the will of over 65% of the nation).

So who's better at predicting a budget crisis, the left or the right? October 4th, 2000, Presidential debate, Bush: "The revenues exceed the expenses in Social Security till the year 2015". Al Gore said we'd be flush to 2055 because we are just that special and the congress NEVER overspends... Guess that moron Bush... wait, ummmmm, lemme do some math... 2010 is when we're going to hit the tipping point... wait, that, that can't be right, 2010 seems to be closer to 2015 than 2055. Hmm. Al Gore was... *gasp* wrong about something? Bush was... Correct? OH NO!

What amazes me is that Al Gore comes off as a moderate Democrat when I read the debate transcript from 2000, compared to Obama. He wanted to PAY DOWN THE DEBT, Obama and flunkeys voted to raise the debt to $12 trillion this year. Wow, Al Gore a MODERATE Democrat... who'd a thunk it.

Now, I mentioned war, and with good cause- You don't think China will be happy just saying, "You can't pay on your bonds? Don't worry about it, we'll hit you up next week." I call BS. They're GOING to want to collect on their LEGAL debt bonds we sold them. They'll start by seizing U.S. assets inside their borders, and then attack Taiwan, or march into South Korea with the North Korean Army. Perhaps China will forgive some bond payments in trade for us folding on our defense pact(s) while they STEAL some land from countries we swore to help defend. I don't suppose those idiots that say we stole California will have the stones to fly to Korea, or Taiwan and start shouting for all to hear, "YOU STOLE TAIWAN!" I predict if any of those brave souls do that, the sniper round that blows their chest inside-out is fired in about 10-seconds flat.

You liberals that think you're BRAVE for your "community organizing", you're not. You face NO oppression in this country. You won't be arrested for your opinion, beaten for your signs insulting political figures, raped/killed and made an example of, your family targeted for death/torture, etc., etc. The worst that happens is you're scooped up off of a public intersection that you were sitting in to disrupt traffic, booked (maybe), and released in hours. You're treated if you get a minor scrape in the process, and it's documented just so you can't sue later. You're not brave, you're not showing courage. You know NOTHING will happen to you. You got a bruise, or a scratch, or even pepper sprayed... AWWWW you poor thing. I'm sure Nelson Mandela will insist on candlelight vigils for you brave souls spending an hour or two in a holding tank. I'm sure he can identify with your oh so harsh struggle against the man... Your struggle with… oh yeah, you're fighting against freedom and the right of self-determination in order to establish a nanny-state. Go on with your bad self.

Your false bravery is an insult to every person that actually risks life, limb, and family to voice opinions contrary to the actually oppressive powers that be in the world, past, present, and future. You don't do civil rights protesters of the 60's proud by doing something you know is safe, legal, and protected. Sorry, no points earned, kids.

I also mentioned civil war... You don't think there will be riots when bread reaches $10 per loaf? How about gas at $10-$20 per gallon? You don't think eventually the guy who was elected President, the man-child that was mentored by terrorists in college that still wish they had bigger bombs to plant "back in the day", you don't think he's going to send out armed, brave, Army personnel to stop the riots? It'll be the brave sons and daughters serving in the military against brave citizens (perhaps their own parents) fed up with a tyrant and cronies in the White House, when they march on D.C. Don't you think that raises the odds of even just one exchange of small arms fire, American vs. American? The best thing to do is NOT create the situation in the first place.

If you threaten a person's right to self-determination, you corner that person and their family like frightened animals, it WILL trigger a defensive response, count on it. People will defend themselves and their families with all deliberate force they deem necessary to ensure their survival. That's by no means a threat of violence, it is my opinion of human nature and my prediction of a worst case scenario of what will happen if Democrats (and sometimes Republicans) continue to use our founding documents as toilet paper.

The intellectual giant in the Oval Office just opened up oil drilling off the coast. WELL HELLS BELLS FRIENDS... Conservatives have been almost BEGGING to open up drilling for TEN YEARS, at least! If congress had let Bush drill, we'd ALREDAY BE GETTING SOME RELIEF. But no. "Those EVIL Republicans can't drill off-shore, it's not GREEEEEEEEN. It's not a WIND FARM."

NEWS FLASH, MY MALIBU, AND YOUR FUCKING PRIUS DOESN'T RUN ON WIND! And if we DO plug in all our cars from now on, do you plan to make more energy for the electrical power grid via nuclear, or oil/coal burning plants? If you don't, we'll crash the grid recharging our cars. Are we importing MORE oil to run those plants? One way or the other we need MORE JUICE, no matter what your vehicle's primary propulsion system is. Your turbines and solar-cells just don't cut it right now. SO, how about we drill for our HUGE reserves sitting and waiting for us, WHILE we pursue alternative fuels, ok smart-guy?

And, just to get you really riled up my liberal friends, exactly how do you feel knowing Obama just agreed with Bush almost a decade after he first suggested more drilling? Bush is stupid, that's why Obama is 10 years behind the times in coming to the SAME CONCLUSION Bush reached. Perhaps Harry Reid can ask Obama to explain how he came to this decision, using some of that negro dialect, as he put it.

That's another thing, on a tangent (this whole diatribe is a string of tangents), why did Obama grab his ankles for a white senator, again? I mean really, I don't care if it was my own father, if someone were to say the crap about me that Harry Reid said, referring to Obama not speaking with a "negro dialect", he'd be out on his ass bouncing on the street before he knew he'd been kicked in the butt. But no, Obama needs his handler, oops I mean the majority leader. He needs him more than he needs to be a man, or an African-American. Obama sold out himself, and Black America as a whole for his ideological agenda. Reid could've thrown the words "house negro" in there, and Obama still wouldn't have acted like a man. For the record, I bet he WAS thinking that, he simply didn't say it.

Mr. President, when MLK Jr. had a dream, he was NOT thinking of you.

Perhaps that last paragraph illustrates what makes him so dangerous. He clearly has a price, he can be bought. When a man will sell his own people out, sell his own dignity along with that of his wife and children, an entire race’s dignity, in order to maintain political power, you have a dangerous man that cares only about the agenda and not the human-beings he’s supposed to serve and put above himself.

The future is now. Vote every last Democrat son of a bitch out of office up for election in November, and recall the rest. Repeal, repeal, repeal.
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